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5 Benefit of Australian Virtual Address to Expand Your Business

Receive Mail and Parcels at your virtual business address

Our work is our signature. We spend time, energy, and love crafting our product or service and we are very proud of it, incredibly proud. Some brands are recognizable from a distance. We know what to expect when we see the red soles on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes or the sound of an Aston Martin exhaust. Some business addresses give us the same sense of what we will get. Think about Wall St, Silicon Valley, and Savile Row. They give us a feeling of predictability, certainty, and confidence. Do you get the same sense when you buy from a business with only a PO Box number or a random residential address? If you are expanding your business in Down Under, an Australian virtual address will overcome that problem and have many more benefits for your company’s growth. Here United Co. examines the benefits of Australian business address to expand your business.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Finding clients in a new territory or even a new country is challenging, especially without a local presence. Having a local address can reassure prospects. An Australian virtual address offers an identifiable local presence without the expense of establishing a physical office from scratch.

Setting up a physical CBD office with a prestigious address can be costly and risky, especially before testing the market, measuring growth potential, and forecasting profits. The gamble involves significant establishment costs, fit-out expenses, staffing, and exit costs if the venture fails. An Australian virtual address allows you to test the market and explore opportunities at a lower cost.

2. Improve Credibility

We have all checked out a business on Google Maps. You know how it feels when you discover you are ordering from the third floor of an apartment block. Your business could be breaking all records from your kitchen table or your garage but when a client checks you out they will naturally have a little bit of doubt creeping in.

Sometimes that doubt manifests itself as a missed sale but it can also result in a heap of questions before the prospect commits to parting with their money. An Australian virtual address in a prestige part of the city, with a beautiful heritage building will add to the quality of your product and shower confidence in your clients and potential clients.

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3. Time Saving

Business owners and entrepreneurs are renowned for burning the candle at both ends, sometimes burning themselves out, without a spare minute in the day. Expanding a company’s presence into a new region is a huge job that needs to focus on marketing, delivery, client support and so much more. Being able to quickly establish an Australian virtual address in the region is one less task to sweat over.

Moreover, an Australian virtual address can receive letters and parcels for you. If you can’t get there to collect them you can have them forwarded. For even more time-saving services United Co. can scan and email your letters and securely shred the originals for you so all of your correspondence is easy to sort and file without piles of paper in drawers or on your desk. 

4. Protect Your Privacy

Amazon, Google, Apple, Disney, and Harley Davidson all started in the founders’ garages. Starting a business from home has a long and often very successful history. William S. Harley started in 1901 and his business is now one of the most recognizable brands on the globe. What the stories don’t tell us is what happened when a client knocked on William’s front door at 9 pm on a Friday just as he was finishing his dinner.

An Australian virtual address protects your domestic privacy. It will mean that on that rare occasion when a client isn’t happy and needs to rant at you, your family doesn’t have to witness the blast. Work-life balance is tricky enough for business owners and entrepreneurs an Australian virtual address can help manage that balance.

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5. Scalability Opportunities

As your business and your team grow you might need to expand your Australian virtual address so you can delegate management of the admin or have more parcels included in the membership. United Co. also has complimentary services to help scale the business such as phone answering and admin support. Once you have established your presence in the market and proved the concept a coworking or private office membership will give you an actual physical presence on the ground with no disruption or change to your operating address.

6. Convenient Option

Just because you have a virtual business address doesn’t mean you never have to go there. Using an address that provides the option of hiring meeting rooms or event spaces means that even if you spend the bulk of your time in the spare bedroom you can still host clients in professional surroundings with experienced receptionists and concierges. Holding a product launch or networking event at the address can create a lasting memory for your clients and prospects so they can have a mental picture of your prestigious address when they order from you again and again.

In conclusion, your business address is more than just a location; it’s a representation of your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. It not only protects your privacy but also provides scalability opportunities as your business grows. Consider the convenience of a virtual address with United Co., where professionalism meets practicality, ensuring your brand makes a lasting impression. Start your expansion journey with confidence, sign up to an Australian virtual address today!

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United Co‘s stunning 1930’s building with a prestigious Fitzroy address near Melbourne’s CBD can be yours to share. With a range of Australian virtual address memberships to choose from your expansion could push forward quicker than you can imagine. With supporting and complimentary services available your journey will be smooth sailing all the way. With many years experience supporting business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers, United Co. understands the importance of being approachable, detail driven and acting with the utmost integrity. We know that our standards reflect on your business. An Australian virtual address can be the first step towards the expansion you have been dreaming of. 

Get in touch to see how United Co. can help you today.