Top 5 Tools to Help You Connect Remotely

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Whether you’re working from home or are still in the office but looking for ways to liaise with those who aren’t, digital communication is an important way to stay connected while social distancing. In fact, it’s likely that once the COVID-19 crisis has passed, we will have largely transitioned to a digital society and therefore [Read more…]

How United Co. is Responding to COVID-19

Use disinfectant wipes to clean workstation and devices

Businesses around the world were recently forced to drastically change their operations overnight due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a coworking space, we have been forced to make many changes to our daily operations. Like everyone around the world, we had to change our general behaviour. This affected the way we [Read more…]

This International Women’s Day, United Co. Members Shebah Will Celebrate Three Years as Australia’s First & Only All-Female Rideshare Service

For women in Australia, the journey towards gender equality has been underway for decades. While there are still many examples of how the country is still rooted in patriarchal principles that limit women’s experiences, there are initiatives starting up by the day that are working to change that. One that’s near and dear to us [Read more…]

7 Reasons to Work in Fitzroy

Melbourne is already one of Australia’s most respected cities and is quickly gaining notoriety across the rest of the world. It attracts professionals from all over the globe and across all industries who are drawn to the opportunities for growth and collaboration that are available here. It’s an easy decision to base yourself in Melbourne [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Start Coworking in 2020

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There is no bad time to join a coworking space, but there are some particularly good times. January is one of those times. It’s the start of the year and the ideal time to get your professional life on track. Motivation tends to be high yet business has not ramped up for the year, meaning [Read more…]

How to Start a Business in Australia

Maybe you’re in that period of your career journey where you’re looking at starting a business in Australia, but don’t exactly know where to start. As one of the booming startup sectors of the world, this country provides a healthy ecosystem for professionals hoping to kickstart their new venture. To help you get off on [Read more…]

The Best Small Business Social Media Tips You Need to Know

Struggling to be seen on Facebook? Not exactly turning enough heads? There’s no doubt that standing out on social giants like this is a tough game to play. You need to know how to navigate the noise and pack a punch with your messaging. Meanwhile, you have to tap into your audiences when they’re most [Read more…]

The Stats that Prove Coworking is here to stay

Ever since the first coworking spaces opened their doors in 2005, there has been an increased take up of these popular environments. And for good reason. This innovative trend creates more united teams than ever before, effectively revolutionising the way the world does business. Primarily, they offer flexibility and low overheads that embrace the needs [Read more…]

How to Manage Your Time When Co-Working

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There are many benefits to co-working spaces. For one thing, you have more freedom than you do in a traditional office and fewer distractions that you do at home. However, the relaxed environment and the fact that you’re not forced to adhere to strict timeframes means it can be difficult to motivate yourself and to [Read more…]