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Wellness Focused Workspace in Fitzroy Melbourne

At the core of any business or creative project is the people involved. Not only does that matter because the success of a business tightly depends on the health and wellbeing of its people. Employee fitness and wellness programs in the workplace have become a top priority for businesses in order help improve employees behaviour and reduce health risks. Our workspaces and shared facilities have been designed to improve mental and physical health, so you can feel good about coming to work.

Experience a better workspace.


Wellness Program

We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. United Co. provides members with the facilities to maintain a healthy lifestyle both at work and outside the office. Our wellness program has been designed to give members the opportunity to connect and provide tools to improve their health and wellbeing. Take care of what matters the most.

Onsite Gym

A little exercise goes a long way to keeping you healthy and focused at work. United Co. members enjoy the convenience of an onsite gym to help them maintain their physical health. Our gym is free to use anytime. You’ll find bikes, treadmills, weights and space to stretch out.

United Co. Members enjoy

Wellness Amenities

to support healthy habits both in and out of the office.

  • Workspaces with Natural Light
  • Quiet Room for Reflection and Meditation
  • Prayer Room
  • Parents Room
  • On-site gym
  • Multiple Breakout Spaces
  • Secure Bicycle Storage
  • Showers
  • End-of-Trip Facilities
  • Onsite Cafe with Healthy Food Options
  • Members Kitchens with Free Coffee, Tea, Snacks & Filtered Water
  • Offices with Electric Sit-to-Stand Desks
  • Certified Ergonomic Task Chairs
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We believe everyone should be able to enjoy a great workspace. To ensure inclusiveness our building has been designed to facilitate the comfort, efficiency and wellbeing of members and guests who use a wheelchair or have a disability. United Co. welcomes registered assistance dogs.

man working with computer on wheelchair

Healthy Food Offerings

United Co. members enjoy the convenience of an onsite cafe with healthy food offerings. Our cafe offers specialty coffee and a selection of daily fresh pastries, sandwiches, wraps, salads and hot food to keep you satisfied throughout the day. If you are organising a meeting, event or team lunch, we can provide a range of catering options to suit your event.

A Selection of sandwiches wraps bagels muesli bars and healhty snacks layed out on a large timber table

Fully Equipped Members' Kitchens

Members who like to prepare your own meals can make use of the fully stocked Members’ Kitchens located on every floor of our building. Kitchens are equipped with microwaves, toasters, cutting boards. Complimentary coffee, tea and snack are provided daily. Plates, bowl and cutlery are provided for your convenience. The best thing is that we do the dishes for you.

United Co. Offers a Range of Services to Support You in Your Professional Life.

Get a private office or office suite that supports your wellbeing and promotes work-life balance.

Join a wellness focussed workspace with like-minded professionals.

Establish a professional presence for your business. We mind your business, while you work on your wellbeing.

Host your next meeting or corporate event at United Co.

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