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Through creating a multidisciplinary community of businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives we are fostering a space for innovation, social impact, community and wellbeing.

A building reborn, geared for flexibility and growth.

The life of our building began in 1932. The design, by A and K Henderson was for a company based in Leicester, England. For much of the 20th century, they were the largest manufacturer of footwear machinery in the world. They were the British United Shoe Machinery Company.

Now, it’s our turn to transform this space into one that embraces a new generation of workers. One that brings people together, that’s collaborative, engaging and empowering. We love that our journey begins with
this wonderful space and that we’ve been able to preserve a little of its history in our name

– United Co.

A refined and welcoming space that engages the senses.

  • Front desk concierge
  • Community managers
  • A connected network
  • Lounge areas
  • Collaborative areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Boardroom
  • Phone booths
  • An events space
  • Licensed cafe
  • Members kitchen
  • Wellness space
  • End of trip facilities
  • Parents room
  • Meditation room
  • Super-fast Internet
  • Printers/Copiers
  • Mail/Parcel handling
  • Bike storage
  • Car parking
  • Daily cleaners
  • 24/7 access
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We’re located in a great part of Melbourne, 3km north-east from the CBD.

Discover all that this inner-urban locale as to offer, showcasing an eclectic mix of boutiques, gourmet cafés and restaurants, bars and galleries. Just minutes away by foot or tram.

Find us at:
425 Smith Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065

A clever mix of destinations. Collaborative spaces to mingle, cosy ones to focus.

From the ground floor, you’ll enter a fabulous double height space, surrounded by beautiful contrasting textures. The atrium is an inspired space, a perfect destination for informal collaborations, working away from your desk and for having lunch.

Nearby, there’s the members kitchen, our wellness space with treadmills and bikes, a dedicated space for group activities, phone booths for private calls and bookable ‘open desk’ workspaces.

Experience a better workspace.

We understand the challenges of working in a busy office. So with privacy and focus in mind, we’ve optimised to create the right balance between private offices and the collaborative areas throughout our building.

Join United Co.

Hear what our members think about us.

“United Co is a great place to work. Their private offices are quite well maintained. The services are great, and the staff are also very friendly and helpful.”

Daniel Mason

"Extraordinarily beautiful layout, and lovely staff. However you work best - in an open office environment, by yourself, or in a shared office space - you'll find a space for yourself within."

Nicko Hancock

"I have a workspace at United Co and I love it here. The staff are lovely, the facilities are great and the building is beautiful."

Ali Barclay

“I now have about 8 months experience as a United Co. member and it's all positive. Great space, great friendly staff who go out of their way for us. My whole team really enjoy working here. I highly recommend United Co.”

Greg Oddo

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United Co. can help your business grow, whether you’re looking for a flexible workspace, your own private office, or access to our community and events.