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About United Co.

Our Story

Our Mission

We aim to empower and delight people at work through inspired spaces that embrace work/life balance. Together with our members, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and our community. Our workspaces are designed to enhance members’ well-being and enable all people to make the most out of their day.
Experience a better workspace.

Support Local Business

United Co. is a proudly local independently-owned business. Our services are designed to enable local businesses to be the best they can be. We believe that anyone should be able to enjoy world-class workspace facilities, no matter if you are a freelancer, solopreneur, start-up, small business, growing business or large enterprise. Our community spreads beyond the walls of our building as we support nearby businesses with virtual services, meeting rooms, training facilities and venue hire. United Co. is committed to partnering with local suppliers who share our values, vision and goals.

Contact UnitedCo Melbourne
Contact UnitedCo Melbourne

We’re genuine

We care about our members and find value in building a strong community.

We’re detail driven

Being mindful of the little things helps us improve members' wellbeing and provide a better workspace.

We’re generous

We're happy to help in any way we can. United Co. supports at risk groups, non for profits and start ups.

We’re approachable

Being down to earth and friendly helps to foster an inclusive, diverse and equitable community.

We have integrity

We are committed to making a positive impact and minimising our environmental footprint.

Our Vision

United Co. was born as a result of two great loves, business and buildings. To appreciate the journey of a business, to watch it grow and develop amongst its setbacks and successes. To understand what a business needs around it, in order to be the best it can be. To see character in a heritage building, to see its potential and the possibilities that it may have for the future. After twenty-five years of running businesses in Melbourne we understand the value of sincerity in business. We value the genuine approach. This, together with the vision for a world class facility empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to do their best work, inevitably influenced the direction of United Co. as it grew and took shape.

Our History

It was important for United Co. to find the right building. The building would have to have character, history and needed to facilitate the cause of United Co. Our building on Smith Street Fitzroy had all that. It had accommodated generations of workers with many businesses coming and going over the years. It was the perfect canvas for the art of business. The life of our building began in 1932. The design, by A and K Henderson was for the British United Shoe Machinery Company. In 2017, it was our turn to transform this space into one that embraces a new generation of workers. We opened the doors of our Fitzroy Location in June 2018. Our space has evolved into one that brings people together, that’s collaborative, engaging and empowering. We love that our journey began with this wonderful space and that we’ve been able to preserve a little of its history in our name – United Co.

Our Goals

United Co. has been designed to offer business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers a variety of choices to suit their business needs. The private offices and coworking areas have attracted a multidisciplinary community who enjoy a world-class workspace for innovation, social impact, collaboration and wellbeing. We created positive spaces that encouraged balance in work-life. We created amenities and initiatives to support health, wellness and sustainability. We all have a responsibility to live a better life for ourselves, the people around us and for our planet.

In addition to the carefully designed workspaces, United Co. offers its members and the external community, a range of meeting rooms and spaces suitable for training, conferences, events, workshops, meetings and more. Technology has been cleverly integrated to give you the seamless ability to connect and present in person or anywhere in the world. Our team of Community Hosts will provide you with the reliable and continuous support your business needs to reach its goals.

To take the experience to the next level, we provide members and guests with high-quality facilities and service like you’d find in a five-star hotel. We created a destination that will impress your guests, motivate your team and assure you that there was no better place to bring people together than United Co.

By adopting strategies that integrate environmental considerations, social support systems, and a commitment to good governance, we aim to create a thriving local ecosystem of members, nearby businesses and local suppliers. 

Our Future

Our vision and plan for United Co. has been realised, but we won’t stop evolving. Everyday we learn from our community and we work together to keep our village strong. We keep inspiring one another, we collaborate and innovate. We look to the future and still get excited about the possibilities.

To join us on our journey, be part of our village and experience a better workspace.