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8 Meeting Room Setup That Foster Productive Collaboration

United Co Cape Town Video Conference Room

Effective communication and active participation are critical for the success of a meeting. The meeting room is pivotal in hosting important client meetings, monthly reporting, brainstorming sessions, or team gatherings, serving as the hub for your company’s decision-making and innovation. Yet, finding a meeting room setup style that fosters smooth, productive interactions and collaboration can be challenging.

Imagine a meeting room with a dull atmosphere, inadequate seating comfort, and poor visibility of the presentation, especially for some members. Such a situation would significantly impact the participants and affect the outcome of the discussion. This comprehensive guide is your ultimate resource for designing an ideal meeting room setup. From selecting the appropriate space, technology, and furniture to establishing an atmosphere that stimulates creativity and collaboration, United Co. will guide you through each stage of the process. Keep reading!

Benefits of Setting Up a Meeting Room Right

Benefit of Setting Up Meeting Room Right

A meeting room is a dedicated space for meetings, discussions, presentations, and collaborative work. The space typically includes a table, chairs, and technology such as audiovisual equipment, video conferencing tools, and interactive displays.

It is more than just a space with walls and furniture. It is a strategic area where ideas are shared, business relationships are developed, and important decisions that impact the company’s success are made.

One crucial benefit of a meeting room is enhancing communication within your organization. At the start of a meeting, there is often an invisible barrier between the speaker and their audience, or among team members. There can also be a psychological barrier among participants, especially when they do not know each other well.

A thoughtful meeting room setup can minimize these invisible, social barriers to encourage engagement and participation. Different arrangements enable variety in learning and involvement, enhancing the meeting’s effectiveness.

Moreover, a thoughtfully designed meeting room setup promotes professionalism. Whether interacting with internal colleagues or external clients, a well-organized and sophisticated meeting room setting will leave a positive impression, showcasing your company’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Lastly, an optimal meeting room setup contributes positively to employee satisfaction. A comfortable meeting space that accommodates everyone’s needs inspires employees, making them feel valued for their contributions and fostering better collaboration.

How to Choose The Right Meeting Room Setup

how to choose the right meeting room setup

Selecting the right meeting room setup can be challenging, the size and purpose of your gathering are pivotal aspects to consider. It’s crucial to strike the right balance between spaciousness and sound clarity, as the meeting space’s atmosphere can significantly impact the effectiveness of the discussion. To find the right space for your next meeting, consider the following factors when choosing the meeting room setup.

1. Purpose of the Meeting

The first consideration when choosing a meeting room should be the purpose of the gathering. Different meeting room setups are suited to varying levels of engagement and can lead to different outcomes. For instance, a meeting with important investors to discuss funding will require a different setup than a brainstorming session with team members. Therefore, assess the purpose of your meeting before selecting the appropriate meeting room setup style.

2. Expected Attendee

The number of meeting attendees is crucial in selecting the right meeting room setup. Striking a balance between spaciousness and the expected number of attendees creates a positive atmosphere that encourages active participation. A cramped meeting room can make participants uncomfortable, while one that is too spacious can also reduce the meeting’s effectiveness.

3. Level of Interaction

To find the right meeting space you should also consider the level of interaction you want to achieve in the discussion. The auditorium-style setup can impede collaborative discussions, whereas boardroom seating promotes more interaction.

4. Technology and Equipment Needed

Technology also plays a crucial role in supporting effective discussions in meetings. Whether you’re conducting a presentation or a hybrid meeting, it’s essential to use the right technological devices. Before hiring a meeting room, double-check the necessary technological equipment, including LED screens, audio systems, and internet connections. This step is necessary to ensure that meetings run smoothly and yield positive outcomes for company growth.

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Types of Meeting Room Setup Styles

Type of Meeting Room at United Co.

There is no one-size-fits-all meeting room setup style. Each different type of meeting room serves different purposes, strengths, and limitations. The key is flexibility and knowing the function of each style. Here are a few of the meeting room setup styles that you can try for your next gathering.

1. Theatre Style

This meeting room setup features a large area with chairs and often a stage where speakers or presentations take place. Theatre style also known as auditorium style usually requires a large screen and good audio-visual equipment. This meeting setup style is perfect for large events that do not demand the attendees to take notes or engage with each other for collaboration.

2. Cabaret Style

United Co Cape Town Video Conference Room

Cabaret style, also known as crescent style, is a meeting room setup that utilizes round tables while leaving space towards the stage or the location of the speaker. This table arrangement encourages interaction among smaller groups of meeting attendees and provides clear sightlines to the presenter or focal point. Moreover, this type of meeting setup is ideal for hybrid meetings with other attendees joining online.

The Cape Town Conference Room in United Co. is a perfect meeting space if you want to adopt a cabaret style. This meeting room can accommodate a video conference with a half-round table with seven executive task chairs. Additionally, the room is also equipped with a 75″ premium commercial display screen and high-quality video with a wide-angle camera for video conferencing.

3. Banquet Style

The banquet style features several round tables with seats all around them. This arrangement tends to encourage a less formal meeting style. If you are hosting team-building sessions or events that require a larger group to break into smaller groups while still having access to a central speaker or presentation, the banquet style is ideal.

4. Classroom Style

This meeting room setup is almost similar to the theatre style but with tables. The classroom style consists of rows of tables and chairs facing a visual focal point, such as a screen or whiteboard. This type of setup is perfect for training sessions or presentations where participants primarily need to take notes and listen. However, the interaction and group discussions are limited in this meeting setup style.

5. Huddle Style

United Co New York Presentation Room

The huddle style is an informal meeting setup that includes side tables and comfortable seating options like sofas, armchairs, and bean bags, arranged in a relaxed manner. This arrangement is perfect for informal discussions, brainstorming sessions, creative thinking, or any meeting that requires a relaxed atmosphere and collaboration.

To facilitate your meeting in huddle style you can hire the Panama workshop room in United Co. Fitzroy. This aesthetically designed meeting space features a casual lounge setting with bean bags and whiteboards on every wall. Moreover, this meeting room is also equipped with a high-quality commercial presenter display screen and unlimited high-speed wifi access to enhance your brainstorming session.

Otherwise, if you need a meeting room for a more conversational session in a casual manner, you would love to host your next meeting in United Co’s New York Presentation Lounge. This meeting space features a casual lounge setting with two 3 seater couches, two occasional chairs, and coffee or side tables, enabling you to have an engaging conversation and successful presentation.

6. U-Shape Style

This type of meeting room is pretty versatile. In this meeting room setup, tables are arranged in the shape of the letter “U,” with chairs placed around the outer edges. Presenters or facilitators can move freely within the U-shape and engage with participants more directly.

U-shape style arrangement is great for more intimate presentations where multiple speakers take turns entering the middle space. At the same time, participants are free to take notes and interact with each other. The U-shape style is commonly used for training sessions, presentations, workshops, video conferences, or smaller interactive meetings.

7. Boardroom Style

United Co Rome Boardroom

If your meeting’s purpose is to discuss important decisions that require collaboration and active participant involvement, the boardroom style is ideal. This style features a large central table with chairs surrounding it, allowing participants to face each other, facilitating direct communication, and encouraging interaction. The boardroom style is perfect for formal meetings, executive sessions, and decision-making discussions.

To successfully host a collaborative meeting in the boardroom style, you need an appropriate space that can accommodate your goals. The Rome Boardroom at United Co. is an ideal space for hosting executive meetings of up to 12 seats.

This meeting space is equipped with sound-absorbing acoustic panels to minimize background noise and ensure your discussions are free from distractions. Additionally, you can enhance your meeting with a 75” high-quality commercial display screen, high-quality video with a wide-angle camera for video conferencing, as well as built-in speakers and microphones.

8. Hollow Square Style

The Hollow Square style, also known as a “closed U,” features four tables arranged in a rectangle, square, or any other multi-designed shape placed adjacent to each other. This setup facilitates easy communication and interaction between team members. It is ideal for breakout sessions that focus on several smaller groups of people working to solve a similar problem or task.

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To conclude, selecting the right meeting room setup style is crucial for fostering productive collaboration. Effective communication and active participation are key components of successful meetings, whether you’re hosting important client meetings, monthly reporting, brainstorming sessions, or team gatherings. The meeting room serves as the hub for your company’s decision-making and innovation, making it essential to find a setup that encourages smooth interactions and collaboration.

At United Co., we understand the importance of choosing the right meeting room setup. Our comprehensive guide provides insights into different meeting room styles and their benefits, helping you make an informed decision for your next gathering. Whether you need a formal boardroom setup for executive discussions or a casual huddle style for creative brainstorming, we have the perfect meeting room in Melbourne for you. Contact United Co. today to book your meeting space and elevate your next meeting experience!