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How to Plan a Hybrid Event in Melbourne and Make Bigger Impact

Organise Hybrid Event in Melbourne

Increase your audience exponentially and make a greater impact by hosting your next event as a hybrid event. In today’s landscape, audiences prefer hybrid events over purely virtual ones. At a hybrid event, virtual attendees can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the live event, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement that surpasses simply switching screens and listening to speakers in disparate locations. Furthermore, hybrid events are typically more appealing and simpler to organize. Keep reading to discover how to plan a hybrid event with United Co. and effectively engage with broader audiences.

Why Hybrid Events?

The corporate world is beginning to transition ‘back to the office’ and businesses are organizing physical events again. Businesses are taking their learnings from the years of remote working during the Pandemic. Hybrid meetings, events, training, and collaboration sessions have rapidly become the new norm.

The biggest advantage of hybrid events is the ability to reach more audiences to your event.  In an open hybrid event anyone, no matter their physical location, can view, participate, and interact. Open hybrid events can be advertised on event websites, social media platforms, and discussion groups. To attract like-minded people, you can selectively share the event information in professional groups and on websites relevant to your target audience.

However, if your event is a product launch, training, team building, or another type of event with a closed audience, you can restrict event participation and send event invitations to a select audience.

Benefits of Hybrid Events for Organisers

It is now easier to virtually connect and participate than ever before. Event organizers can benefit from this development by making their events hybrid.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

If you are working with a limited budget, scaling down in-person attendance and extending your audience virtually will help you save on operational costs without compromising the reach of your event. You will be able to hire a smaller venue and run your event with a smaller crew. Furthermore, you no longer need to host mega-events to reach a large audience.

More and more people are now acquainted with virtual meetings, seminars, panel discussions, and product presentations. The number of people who will be able to attend virtually is almost endless and not limited by geographical and travel restrictions.

Letting some of your speakers present and attend virtually means you will be able to save time, travel costs, and other expenses.

2. Unforeseen Circumstances

Fewer people means fewer unforeseen circumstances. This makes your event easier to organize and manage on the day. Even if a participant or speaker is suddenly unable to attend the event in person, they may still be able to attend virtually.

3. Sponsorship Opportunities

Event organizers can leverage the greater reach of their hybrid event to secure sponsorships. Sponsorship packages can be tailored to suit the audience or the requirements of the sponsor. With many virtual and hybrid events streamed on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the impact of your event as well as the advertising is long-lasting.

How to Plan a Hybrid Event in Melbourne

Engagement is the core ingredient of a hybrid event. Engagement differentiates hybrid events from a vlog or an educational video on YouTube. The direction and content of a hybrid event are dependent upon audience engagement. Seamless integration of technology plays the most important part in any hybrid event and brings your live and virtual audience together.

United Co. offers training rooms, boardrooms, and meeting rooms for hybrid events. Our conference rooms are equipped with advanced plug-and-play video conferencing technology that is easy to use.

For larger functions, you can book the event space, which can host up to 120 guests. This space is set up with a stage. Use of the 9-panel video wall and built-in AV system is complimentary. Our team can help you organize the right equipment to connect you to your virtual audience. A high-speed internet connection will ensure your event will go down without a hitch. Our space is conveniently located on Smith Street, Fitzroy close to Melbourne CBD, Collingwood, Richmond, and Carlton. You can easily reach us by public transport, bicycle or car.

To get started, contact our hybrid event specialist to discuss your next event. We will assist you with the selection of the right room and connect you with our tech team.

Case Studies

Are you planning to host a hybrid event soon? To ensure its success and engagement with a wider audience, you can learn from previews of other hybrid event hosts.

1. Hackherthon – International Women’s Day

4 – 6 March 2022 Hybrid Hackathon

As the name of the event suggests – this hybrid event is in sync with the theme of International Women’s Day i.e. to break the bias. It is impossible to bring industry experts, innovators, and advanced tech experts under one roof and therefore transforming the setup into a hybrid event is essential. This event is exceptionally well defined in different progressive categories. Expected goals, achievement rewards, and participation guidelines are well-defined. Event announcements include the logos of supporters to enhance sponsorship opportunities. Announcements of hashtags, videos, and links to social media pages are given equal importance.

2. Virtual Graduation for Melbourne Polytechnic

7 December 2021
At – United Co. 425 Smith Street, Fitzroy

To let all students enjoy their 10 seconds of fame, Melbourne Polytechnic hosted a Virtual Graduation on the 7th of December 2021. The event was hosted at United Co. utilising our meeting spaces with high-speed internet connection in collaboration with our technology partner NextgenAV and event management company Fruitbowl Productions.

In conclusion, the benefits of hosting hybrid events for organizers are manifold. From cost-effectiveness and flexibility to the opportunity for greater audience engagement and sponsorship opportunities, hybrid events offer a range of advantages that traditional in-person events may not. By embracing the hybrid model, organizers can navigate unforeseen circumstances with ease, widen their reach, and enhance the overall experience for both in-person and virtual attendees.

If you’re considering planning a hybrid event in Melbourne, United Co. is here to help. Our state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with advanced technology and flexible event spaces, provide the perfect environment for hosting successful hybrid events. With our experienced team and seamless integration of technology, we ensure that your event runs smoothly and engages both your live and virtual audience effectively.

Contact our hybrid event specialist today to discuss your event requirements and explore how United Co. can support you in hosting a successful hybrid event.