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8 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

woman making a fist with text tattoo that says focus

2024 is drawing to a close and good riddance to it. As we wake up bleary-eyed but optimistic we turn our minds to the future and make personal resolutions that last at least until Australia Day. We will exercise more, we will eat more healthily, will start practicing the guitar again. And after a while the discipline fades and we slip into old comfortable habits. There is no shame in it because deep down we didn’t want to run a marathon anyway, it just looks so painful! When we look at our business though we genuinely do want that to be leaner, meaner, and more successful. It is our dream and our life’s work. A new year is a great time to set resolutions and goals for your business. United Co. has some suggestions.

1. Delegate More

Many hands make light work, or so the saying goes. Sometimes with so much to do and so little time to do it in, things get missed and priorities become clouded. Learning to delegate is a skill that is often talked about but so often neglected. Having a business resolution to delegate more means trusting your team to do what is needed of them or considering a virtual assistant to help out with tasks. Time is money and it might be more cost-effective to outsource some of those to a highly trained local assistant and free you up to focus on the tasks that matter most. 

2. Promote Your Business

Entrepreneurs, craftsmen, and business owners are often very good at working on their businesses. They’ve spent years, or even decades, building up the skills that others need. Unfortunately selling and promoting the business can end up being neglected. Promotion and marketing a skill in its own right there is an entire industry built around it. Don’t be disheartened though. A business resolution of spending a few concentrated hours every week on promotion could see returns very quickly. If you are present online, but find it hard to keep up with all the messages and communications on every platform a United Co. locally-based virtual communications and marketing assistant can look after your social media messages, web chat, and email management for you.

3. Learn Something New

Having a laser-like focus on your business is admirable and keeps delivering results but have you ever considered the benefit of learning something new? It could be directly related to your craft or something parallel. Picking up a new skill can frequently change the way you look at what you already know and spark new ideas and creativity within you. Your business resolution could be to spend half an hour a week watching TED talks, ten minutes a day with a language learning app (we recommend Duo Lingo for a fun game-like learning experience) or even attend workshops and seminars like the regular United Co. community events.

4. Network To Build A Community

On the topic of community, a very popular business resolution is to network more. But what does network more actually mean? Networking is more than trying to sell your business to a room full of strangers holding a plate of buffet food. Networking is about building a business community that you can help and call on when you need help. It’s about sharing knowledge, information, and ideas so that everyone benefits and grows from the connection. Networking is about bringing everyone up together, win-win all around. Joining a shared workspace can be a way to expand your network and join an already existing community. United Co’s community events are all about sharing knowledge and building connections. Our community manager is here to help you make the most of your membership build those connections and stick to this resolution in 2021.

5. Make Time For Yourself

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or so it is said. We can only assume that Jack didn’t work in an environment like United Co’s beautiful Fitzroy space with top-quality tools and technology for work and a wellness suite, gym, and onsite licensed cafe to help play. Making balance a business resolution for next year can help you avoid the burnout that so many high performers like you experience. Being able to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy is as important to your business as high-speed internet.

6. Level Up Your Customer Service

The customer is always right, right? Or at least we need to make sure they feel like they are. Being available for your clients when they need you can be a challenge for small businesses and sole traders. Concentrating on the work and handling the interruptions of customer demand can be frustrating and frequently ends up with the work and the customer getting less than you want to give them. Making customer service a business resolution is a smart move. A locally based United Co. virtual receptionist ensures that all of your client calls are answered professionally, using your company name and script giving you time to put the finishing touches on that big project.

7. Have Face To Face Time With Clients

After all of the travel restrictions, social distancing, and venue closures we are sure that you’ll make a business resolution to spend some in-person time with key clients. Even though we have all adapted to video conferencing we still understand the value of face-to-face time and a solid handshake. It can be tricky to choose a place to meet so consider a United Co. meeting room that complies with all of the latest Covid safe recommendations and regulations.

8. Find A Buddy

Usain Bolt and Roger Federer may be perfect specimens of solo success but they rely on the people around them, they have coaches and training partners. Many high-performing business owners and entrepreneurs have a coach and finding your external support could be a sensible business resolution. Professional coaches can be expensive but are regularly seen as value for money. An alternative is to have an accountability partner, or buddy, where you check in with each other and mutually support and encourage each other’s goals. Within the United Co. community, you will meet many like-minded people and people who share your ambitions. Offer to help them reach their goals in exchange for a little mutual encouragement.

At United Co., our resolution for 2021 is to make sure your business has all the support it needs to thrive. Get in touch to find out more.