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Expert in Residence Program with Andre Eikmeier

Throughout May, we were grateful to have Andre Eikmeier, prolific Australian entrepreneur and Co-founder of award-winning wine company Vinomofo, join us at United Co. for a month of programming to support our
Melbourne startup and business community.

Through this program, startups and small business leaders at UnitedCo. and the wider community had the opportunity to learn directly from Andre as an international leader in innovation, disruption, and culture. To kick off our program we had an evening in conversation with Andre to hear about his story through failure, resilience, transformation, and happiness. Over 55 people joined us for this evening and were left with not only inspiration but also practical lessons to meet the challenges of being an entrepreneur in our time.


“What an inspiring evening to figure out what we stand for as
a brand, and to stay present along the journey.”

“It was such a humbling night to be reminded that we are all
humans and experience our ups and downs, and that this is
normal as an entrepreneur.”

So that we could support the community in a more focused and practical way, we also hosted 2 90-minute masterclasses with Andre on creating a brand that sticks and builds a movement. These were high-energy workshops, a lot packed into a small space, and everyone left feeling empowered and prepared to take their brands to the masses. We had 30 people attend each workshop, with 17 people attending both.

“Andre gave me a great reminder to take my time whilst
figuring it out, and to not rush into premature messaging on
my brand.”

“I walked away with a much clearer understanding about what
our connection is to our customers and that it goes a lot
deeper than what we have thought before.”

The most intimate element of the program was 1,200 minutes of Office Hours with Andre (or 20 hours!). Individuals or small teams had the opportunity to book a 75-minute one-on-one session with Andre to discuss their core business needs and get tailored guidance. Over 16 sessions were offered and booked, with over 20 people accessing one-on-one mentorship.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to get 1 on 1 time with an entrepreneur with great experience who can help provide
insights for our journey.”

“The session with Andre was really valuable. He supported us
to take on a different perspective on the purpose and values
of our brand and how we communicate it to the world. We are
very grateful for this opportunity.”

What a month!

With over 110 people coming through the doors to learn from Andre, and some raving reviews, we have been blown away by the community’s willingness to learn and connect.

If you would like to know more about Andre you can connect with him via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or go to his website andreeikmeier.com.

If you would like to attend any future United Co. events, keep an eye on the public events page on the United Co. website.

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