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17 Ideas To Attract More People To Your Corporate Events

Ideas To Attract More People To Your Corporate Events

There are many good reasons to run corporate events, from creating an instant network and showing off your expertise to a pure product launch. Events can be small and intimate or on a vast theatrical scale. Once you’ve chosen your topic and your audience how do you get people to turn up in good numbers? How can you create a buzz for your corporate event? We have explored the options for you.

1. Event Discovery Sites

There is a wide range of sites available such as Eventbrite and Facebook Events that are dedicated to help guide people to local events that would interest them. Putting your corporate events on one of these can bring a new audience to your venue and gives you the use of their ticketing and tracking programs.

2. Infographics

Creating a compelling visual representation of information and data is eye catching and easily shared. A bright infographic showing the content of your corporate events and the structure of the day and venue can easily be shared on social media or even in print.

3. YouTube Channel

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the World after Google? It isn’t just cat videos!  The channel can showcase products and services that you offer but also it can be used to introduce speakers, snippets of content or tips on how to maximize the experience at your corporate events. You could even give a virtual tour of the event space.

4. Podcasting

Over the past few years, podcasting has exploded and Australia is a huge consumer of this type of long form audio media. Your product or service may lend itself to its own podcast series which can have your corporate events as a theme. Alternatively, consider sponsoring an existing podcast or being a guest speaker on one. By demonstrating your expertise you can attract new interest to your venue.

5. Fine Tune Your Emails

Having one blanket email that goes out to everyone on your list risks missing some of your target audience. Segmenting the list into previous attendees, first time invitees or even further slice and dice your list by industry, geography and more. By making your recipients feel that the email is personalised, or close to personalized, will engage their attention and peak their interest in your corporate events.

6. Invest In Professional Photography

They say you never understand the value of a professional until you’ve hired an amateur. The images we use when promoting our business or corporate events speak volumes for the quality that the attendees can expect to receive. Taking photos on our phone is so easy and they look good but you want people to pack out your room. Your audience will only take you as seriously as you take yourself.

7. Have More Conversations

Nobody likes that person who jumps up and down shouting “Me! Me! Me!” and relentless promotion can feel like that at times. Having conversations with your audience builds trust. Consider asking them for recommendations for services or products that you need. Recommend content or products that you have found useful. Ask them what type of corporate events interest them. 

8. Social Media Stories

Civilization has been built on sharing stories and social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Snapchat have embraced and highlighted their story functions. Building a story for your corporate events will drive engagement and bring people to your venue.

9. Find Your Lookalike Audience

With your client and prospect list you can use social media targeting to find an audience that looks like your current list. The algorithms in Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are highly sophisticated and can bring your corporate events to the attention of a fresh and interested set of faces.

10. Network At Events Like Yours

The best place to find rugby fans is at a rugby game and the best place to find people who are interested in your corporate events is at an event similar to yours. You might think that if someone else has done an event then the attendees wouldn’t come to another one. Remember that they were at this venue voluntarily and because they were interested. Network well and you can add them to your event list too.

11. Look To Your Community

Your local and business community naturally have things in common with you even if it’s just geography. People are more likely to engage with people they feel comfortable with. You can create this feeling with an online community for your corporate events. This allows people to sustain the initial buzz of excitement for the event or venue without too much encouragement from you.

12. Optimise Your Registration Page

A dedicated event website or an optimized registration page will streamline the process of registering for attendees. By making it easy for people to register for your corporate events and finding the venue will remove objections and improve conversion rates.

13. Publish The Agenda

People will be investing time to come to your corporate events. Time is the most valuable thing that we all have. It is irreplaceable. We don’t want surprises and we want to know what we are investing our time in. You don’t need to keep it a secret. Share the agenda, hook their interest.

14. Hire A Speaker

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. Some studies have shown that up to 75% of the population suffer from this to some degree. Luckily there are a number of very accomplished speakers available to hire so you don’t have to do it all yourself. Some speakers can draw people to your corporate events purely based on their public image. Many of these will share to their social media audience that they will be speaking and drive interest in your event and feet to your venue.

15. Create Social Badges

Digital registration badges can be shared on social media. Include a digital badge in the registration confirmation and invite the attendee to share on their social media. Some badges can have a built in link to your registration page which pulls even more people to your corporate events.

16. Limited Time Or Limited Number Offers

Last 5 Tickets! 2 days left to secure your place! These are old tools in the marketing kit but they are still used and they still work. Scarcity is a proven motivator to drive people to take up an offer or sale. Using these for your corporate events can nudge an indecisive prospect to engage with you and come to your space.

17. Recruit Influencers Or Brand Ambassadors 

Influencers might conjure up images of bikini clad, pouting ladies skipping along the beach but a good influencer is a genuine fan of your business that is respected by their followers and community. A brand ambassador is a paid super-influencer and often an expert in their professional field. Having influencers and ambassadors being excited about your corporate events will drive interest and conversations and, soon enough, registrations at your venue.

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