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7 Signs You Need An Office Upgrade This Year

Seven Signs That Indicates That You Need an Office Upgrade

It might be time for an office upgrade if you’re feeling cramped or inefficient in your current workspace. As your business grows, so do your needs, and having the right office environment can make all the difference. A private, professional office can provide the space and resources necessary to support your team and impress your clients.

Many signs indicate it’s time for a change, from improving morale and productivity to adapting to new working arrangements. Explore these seven signs that suggest you need an office upgrade with United Co. this year.

1. Growing Team

You have worked hard to build your business from scratch. You’ve invested time, money, sweat, and more to follow this passion. It is paying off and now you have grown. The balance sheet is looking good, clients are queuing up for your service and frankly, you need to spread the load a bit. Having a team can be immensely rewarding.

Just being able to bounce ideas off of someone with your worldview can ignite that creative spark and take your business to the next level. Being able to have a passionate brainstorm over your kitchen table can be tricky when you have to balance family too. A private serviced office upgrade could give you the space to capture your imagination and bottle it for your customers.

2. Impress Clients

The Need to Impress Client is s Sign You Need an Office Upgrade

Many clients are sold on the quality of your work and the friendly way you handle their inquiries. Others like to be made to feel special, well who doesn’t? The hotel lobby or a local coffee shop sometimes just doesn’t do the trick. Lunch at a flash restaurant can’t be a regular option, you are a business owner, not a billionaire (yet!). An office upgrade to your own well-designed space with privacy and plenty of natural light in a stunning heritage building will go a long way to creating the impression that they seek. The option of conference and meeting rooms is the icing on the cake. 

3. Improve Morale And Productivity

Poor office space can lead to low morale and productivity in your workforce. The choice of space can reflect the way they see the values of your business. Other productivity torpedoes can include outside noise, lack of space even the choice of furniture. An office upgrade to a private office with ergonomic desks and chairs, ample natural light, easily accessible tea, coffee, and snacks, and an on-site wellness suite to improve mental and physical health will go a long way to making your staff feel valued and keep them driving your enterprise forward.

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4. Adapting To New Working Arrangements

Adapting To New Working Arrangements is A Sign That You Need An Office Upgrade

Dining tables, desks crammed in spare bedrooms or converted garages were only the beginning. Remote working and hybrid arrangements are becoming more popular. Work-life balance took a hit during the pandemic when everything blended into one. Moving out of the shed but not back to the city can be achieved with an office upgrade to a local private serviced office. This gives you the balance of separating work from home without the huge commute and mask-wearing crowds.

5. You Need More Support

Doing what you do best is what is propelling your business forward but as it grows you will find that there are tasks that you would rather not do. That could be some of the marketing or answering phone calls and emails. It could be other admin tasks. Having a full-time assistant would be great but might not be feasible.

Using a private office to avoid physical disruptions combined with a virtual assistant to help with all of the other disruptions could be the perfect office upgrade solution. This gives you control over your most precious resource, your time.

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6. Not Enough Space Or Poor Conditions

Putting care, attention and love into your work is important to you. When we roll back the desk chair to stretch and it clips the end of the bed we get irritated. When we have to move the desk lamp in the middle of the afternoon so we can read the contract properly it gets under our skin. These little annoyances creep up on us through the day.

We lose concentration spend too much time huffing at them and lose focus on the work. The work takes longer, we get more tired and frustrated until it shows up in the product or service we deliver. Eventually, the client starts to order less and complain more. It is a vicious cycle. Ergonomic furniture, good natural light, and reliable technology are all things we can look for in an office upgrade. These are all the things that can turn your business frown upside down.

7. You Need New Technology

Latest Technology is a Sign You Need an Office Upgrade

After staff the most expensive part of setting up your business is technology. It helps us run our enterprise seamlessly. It is easy to forget what business was like without it. Laptops and mobile phones are an essential tool for any business but these are just the tip of the technological iceberg. What about unlimited high-speed fiber internet? An office upgrade with access to high-quality multifunctional printers, scanners, and copiers sounds like a dream.

Imagine meeting rooms with wireless screen sharing. Picture your team meetings with Smart Board technology. Consider an event space with a 9-panel video wall. Having these tools available to you when you need them could make all the difference between your business and that first million dollars. Get on-site IT support in your private office and you’ll never have to turn it off and turn it back once again. 

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In conclusion, recognizing the signs that indicate your need for an office upgrade is the first step toward creating a more efficient and productive workspace. Whether you’re aiming to accommodate a growing team, impress clients, or simply improve morale and productivity, a well-designed office can make a significant difference.

United Co. offers private, professional serviced office spaces with access to a range of world-class amenities to support your business needs. Don’t let an outdated workspace hold your business back. Upgrade your office today and set the stage for future growth and success. Contact United Co. to learn more about our private office solutions.