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3 Ways to Revamp your office space in 2024

How to revamp your office space in 2023

If you are looking to revamp your office space in 2024, there are numerous ways you can do so. An outdated office can not only be uninspiring but can also have a gloomy impact on employee morale and productivity. In the longer term, it can affect your employee retention rate and prevent you from attracting high-performing talent. By implementing a creative approach you can revamp your office space to create a more engaging and productive office space for your team members. By making a few changes in your office, you can create a more inspiring and inviting workspace, conducive to collaboration, creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

1. Create an Office Space with space to Collaborate and Concentrate.

When employees commute to the office in 2024 it is crucial that they can get the most out of their time in the office. Employees all have their individual needs and desires when they attend the office depending on their role and personal situation. In the past few years many people invested in a comfortable home office where they can get their focus work done. These people will want to come to the office to collaborate with team members, to brainstorm and work through challenges. However, it cannot be expected that everyone has a dedicated workspace in their home. Young employees in big cities often live in shared houses where there is no access to a space to set up a home office. Other team members may have a young family and their household may not always be as quiet as they would like. 

A spacious open office will make people feel good about coming to work and will provide break out space, hotdesks, brainstorming corners and meeting spaces to collaborate. It is important to allow some space for focus work as well. Create little desk pods with secondary screens, spaces for one-on-ones and quiet rooms for zoom meetings and personal calls. A good office space will provide a range of different workspaces, so everyone can have a balanced and productive workday. 

2. Improve Productivity with Smart Technology

By incorporating smart technology into the workspace, you can make your office more efficient and better yet, more connected. Technology is an essential part of the modern office. Implementing smart devices and automation to control lighting, security and temperature not only saves time, costs and resources but also increases the overall comfort resulting in efficiency and productivity in the workplace. By providing easy access to information and communication tools, it can significantly reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and follow ups. The right technology creates a seamless experience for your team and enhances productivity. 

3. Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Work-life balance and healthy workplaces are top of mind in 2024. In today’s work environment it is the employer’s obligation to ensure comfort and wellbeing for their employees. Employee wellbeing improves productivity, employee satisfaction and staff retention.  Simple things can improve people’s office experience. Things such as office fruit and real plants, artwork or letting people decorate their workstation can make people feel more relaxed in the office. Good building design and amenities such as natural light, good air quality, sit-to-stand desks and end-of-trip facilities enhance an employee’s workday. Create a sense of community for your team with games, fun break out seating, a weekly team lunch or staff volunteering programs. 

How a shared workspace can help revamp your office.

By implementing a few small changes you may be able to revive your office space and make it a more appealing environment for your team. If your office is very outdated and you require a full refurb you encounter challenges that cannot be resolved with a day of shopping. Office renovation involves interior designers, builders and costly new furnishings. Other than that, you will have to invest a lot of time planning and executing the renovations. While your office is being renovated your team may not be able to access the space, causing further disruption to your business. You could be spending this time and energy on growing your business. A shared workspace can provide a turn-key office solution for your business. Shared workspaces provide opportunity for collaboration, for any size team and often come with a lot of added benefits such as wellness space, ample break-out spaces and a community manager that will support you and your team throughout the workday. You could sign up for short term or stay long term. 

How United Co. provides members with a better workspace experience.

At United Co. it is our mission to delight people at work. We create inspiring spaces that encourage work-life balance and enhance productivity. We foster a diverse business community, facilitate connections and encourage a culture of sharing and collaboration. Our flexible memberships support businesses and their people throughout their workday. 

If you would like to know how United Co. can help you revive your work environment, please reach out to our team on 03 7018 888 or browse our website for information on Coworking Space, Private Offices and Enterprise Suites