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Ten Reasons Why Coworking Will Be Back In 2024

coworking space for startups

As we look ahead to 2024, there’s a palpable anticipation for the resurgence of coworking spaces. Despite the challenges faced in recent times, coworking is poised to make a strong comeback. From fostering collaboration to providing a flexible and dynamic work environment, coworking offers numerous benefits that will be more appealing than ever in the post-pandemic landscape. Here are ten compelling reasons why coworking will be back in full swing in 2024 and United Co. are here to provide you with the best experience of flexible workspace and coworking space in Melbourne.

1. Time Management

Coworking in 2024 will allow you more control over your precious time. Conveniently located in Fitzroy you can shorten your commute and choose how best to use those few focussed hours in your day. With memberships from a casual hot desk day pass to 24/7 access to your dedicated workspace the amount of time you spend there can be as flexible as you are. 

2. Effective and Scalable

With the range of memberships on offer you can not only build your weeks and months around your hectic schedule you can also tailor it to your budget. With membership fees as low as $99 /month you can be up and running before you know it. Coworking in 2024 is a smooth way to kick off your business resurgence without burning a huge hole in your wallet. When you have built momentum and need to use more time or a bigger space the coworking space can grow with you.

3. Perks and Amenity

Let’s talk about the included extras for a moment. Coworking in 2024 is more than just working. United Co’s beautiful Fitzroy space gives members access to the on-site gym and wellness studio, day lockers, the fabulous welcome concierge, high-speed unlimited wi-fi and so much more.

4. Networking and Collaboration

Coworking in 2021 could catapult your career and your business into the stratosphere. Coworking spaces bring together a diverse range of people from all kinds of backgrounds working on a huge variety of businesses. With an inbuilt network, you can be inspired by those around you and bounce ideas off colleagues and new friends you meet in the members’ kitchen or at the printer. With access to regular community events it is almost impossible not to grow.

5. Community and Sense of Belonging

While we are talking about community let’s talk about that feeling of family you get when you work with like-minded, focused people. We like it. We love finding that common element of drive, ambition, and innovation in other people. It’s a bit like looking in the mirror. When you begin coworking in 2021 you will feel at home. United Co’s community manager will help make introductions and start conversations so you don’t have to.

6. Design and Support

United Co’s Fitzroy building has been lovingly converted to offer the best in coworking facilities. With abundant natural light, booths for private phone calls, and even snacks in the members’ kitchen, it has all been designed to help you bring out the best in your work. The technology available to members is exceptional from the high-speed wi-fi connections, business-grade printers, copiers and scanners, to the screen-sharing capabilities in some meeting rooms you couldn’t ask for more when coworking in 2024. And don’t forget the unsung heroes of our workday; the onsite IT support. 

7. Find Meaning and Identity

This may sound a bit woo woo but finding meaning in our work can be hard. It feels even harder when we are in a large faceless organisation doing the same as a dozen other people. Working from home gets us away from that but we have to juggle our identities of entrepreneur, cook, housekeeper, friendly neighbour and parent. Coworking in 2024 helps draw lines between our identities at work and home. It also helps us see our place in the business world as we watch the other businesses orbiting around us and chat about projects we are passionate about. When we have a distinct role and a distinct identity in a workspace we have a stronger sense of who we are and why we do what we do.

8. Location

Convenience and location are always highlighted when real estate agents are selling you a home but how often do we think about where we want to work? Working from home accelerated in 2020 and before that, we had to go where our employer told us to go. There is a third way, coworking in 2024 from United Co’s Fitzroy space means that you have all of the professional assets and support around you without dragging yourself into the CBD. Maybe the real estate guys are right, location, location, location.

9. Balance and Wellbeing

We are all keeping our fingers and toes crossed that 2024 is an improvement from last year. It has been pretty stressful for everyone, especially for entrepreneurs and business owners. We have already talked about being able to control your time, costs and geography but coworking in 2024 can help your mental health too. A healthy work-life balance reduces your blood pressure and helps you sleep at night. Lower levels of Cortisol (the stress hormone) will help you be more productive but more importantly you’ll simply feel better. Combine this with access to the wellness suite and quiet room and you’ll be floating on a cloud.

10. Endless Coffee (or Tea)

Ok, maybe not endless. Which Melburnian doesn’t like a good cup of coffee? It is the fuel for students, entrepreneurs and creatives around the globe. United Co’s in-house licenced cafe, can supply your speciality coffee needs and the members’ kitchen has complimentary coffee, tea and snacks if you only want a quick hit. Joking aside, when coworking in 2024 access to healthy nutrition and hydration on-site is as important for your success as fresh air and a good night’s sleep.

Coworking will be back with a bang in 2021 and United Co. is ready to welcome you, help you get started and support you through your journey. Get in touch today to find out more.