Managing Recycling and Sustainable Waste In The Office

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword in the office and facility service based industries. It’s a necessity, particularly when it comes to meeting targets for clients and winning the tender process. If your office cleaner isn’t properly managing your recycling and waste, neither are you. Where does that leave your brand message and company values?

There can often be a ‘head in the sand’ approach to office cleaning.  You and your staff may put your paper in a recycling box under your desk and think that you’ve done your bit, expecting your waste paper to be recycled. You’d be wrong. Have you ever watched your cleaner? Is that waste sorted, separated and then picked up accordingly? Or is that waste paper going straight into a non-biodegradable black garbage bag and headed to the landfill?

Which cleaning chemicals are your office cleaners using? Ask to see them and ensure that non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemicals are used. Not sure which ones are green? Check out GECA its the first scheme to be recognized by the Green Building Council (GBCA). Geca certification is the foundation of its Green Star rating system.

Sustainable waste management is integral for any commercial space. Companies like Method Recycling bins are helping facilities around the world to recycle more and waste less, along with products like EPI Degradable garbage bag liners from Tailored Packaging.

Are your commercial cleaners leaving the lights on the tap running? Are they using single use disposable wipes over microfibre cleaning cloths? Small inefficiencies such as these can add to your garbage pile and litres of clean water can simply be wasted, heading straight back down the drain.

If you work in a small office, or even from home, there are still plenty of ways to manage the recycling and waste produced:-

Coffee grounds can be saved and used as compost, or even your own beauty products and coffee scrubs!

Ban single-use plastic. No more plastic water bottles on meeting room tables and desks. Instead, buy some fancy water jugs for the table, or purchase a large mason jar and fill with refreshing mint or cucumber to add some class to your office.

Assess the office snack situation. Are you filling your garbage bins with single portion cereal boxes and wrappings? Can you change suppliers or purchase cereal dispensers instead?

Set some office targets for recycling. Get the team together and work on actively reducing what heads to the landfill. It will be eye-opening for you and your employees when you start to look at the products you buy and the packaging that comes along with it.

Switch to a green energy supplier, or when it comes to upgrading electrical equipment, choose a more energy efficient brand and dispose of your old computer via local e-waste collection.

Whether you are an office of one or one hundred a small change can have a substantial effect when it comes to managing your recycling and ensuring you not only reduce but analyse where your recycling ends up in the waste cycle.

BIO  Lara Blanco

Head of Customer Happiness @ Clean Focus

Culture happiness centric individual with the belief that happy teams make happy customers, which in turn makes everyone happy. I also know a thing or two about cleaning 🙂

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