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Discover the 5 Benefits of Coworking for Nonprofits

benefits of coworking for nonprofits

Nonprofits often need the flexibility to sustain their growth and allow for project space in preparation for fundraisers and events. It is a priority to save money and overheads to maximise the funds raised for your cause. Operating a nonprofit in a coworking space has many benefits such as a high-quality workspace that is fully accessible and welcoming to all, great shared facilities, options to take project space, access to a like-minded community for professional support and collaboration, and much more. Keep reading to discover how a coworking space like United Co. can benefit your not-for-profit.

1. Focus on your mission

Your biggest priority is your cause and you dedicate as much time as possible to your mission. A private office or coworking membership in a shared space is all-inclusive. Meaning you will no longer have to worry about things such as water and energy bills, rates and outgoings, cleaning, and maintenance. Even some reception services are included. This will save you a lot of time on admin, giving you headspace and allowing you to focus on your mission. Dedicate your time to what you do best. 

2. Great facilities to help you work better

To maximise your efforts you will need an inspiring space that encourages creativity. You may need space to host meetings with potential donors and collaborators as well as a function venue to host fundraisers. Coworking spaces are designed for collaboration and have all the facilities you need to do good. United Co. offers meeting rooms that will impress your guests, training rooms perfect for workshops with your team, and a large event space to host fundraisers with up to 150 guests. You can extend your audience by converting your next fundraiser into a hybrid event, allowing you to reach an unlimited audience around the world. 

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3. Connect & Collaborate

Working with donors and collaborating with other organizations and causes is a great way to raise funds, create programs and expand your reach. Benefits of coworking for nonprofits is the space allows you to expand their network within the coworking space. The community manager will be able to connect you with other organizations in the space. There may be opportunities to present during community events and share your work via the members’ app or in newsletters.

4. Flexibility to scale your workspace

Your ambitions are great and you probably like to grow your organization. Your office space will have to grow with your team, but in the meantime, you do not want to waste valuable funds on a large office that you aren’t using – yet. On other occasions, you may need some temporary space to organize a large event. Coworking spaces offer nonprofits the flexibility they need. You can grow your office space without moving and take up a temporary workspace, for a day, week, or month when you need it. Coworking spaces are great for hybrid teams, allowing you to maximize your office space while offering your team members flexibility and opportunities to balance their work with other commitments.

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5. Do good by your team 

You do good work for your cause, your team works hard and you want to look after them too. All your funds are allocated to the cause and your operations need to be nimble to maximise your efforts. You want your workspace to reflect your brand and organization, but the expenses of a large office and quality fit-out strain your cash flow. A balanced workplace with essential amenities plays a crucial role in recruiting and retaining team members. Coworking allows your team members to have access to a range of world-class amenities that encourage wellbeing such as a wellness suite with an on-site gym, quiet rooms, secure bicycle storage, showers, and end-of-trip facilities.

Additionally, you will have access to various breakout spaces and an on-site cafe. Members receive invitations to regular community events where they will be able to connect with other members and expand their professional network. Replacing talent is expensive, especially when you factor in recruiting costs, training costs, and lost productivity. Just like any other sector, nonprofits also face recruitment challenges, but a great workspace will help you attract and retain talent.

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Operating a nonprofit in a coworking space offers numerous benefits that extend beyond mere cost savings. By focusing on your mission without the distraction of managing an office, leveraging top-notch facilities, and fostering connections within a vibrant community, your nonprofit can thrive. The flexibility to scale your workspace as needed ensures you are always ready for growth and special projects. Additionally, providing a supportive and well-equipped environment for your team can help retain top talent and enhance overall productivity. At United Co., we are dedicated to providing a coworking space that meets the unique needs of nonprofits, empowering you to make an even greater impact.

Don’t let overhead costs and office management distract you from your mission. Join United Co. today and discover how our coworking space can support your nonprofit’s growth and success. Contact us now to learn more about our flexible office membership options and start benefiting from a high-quality workspace tailored to your needs. Enquire today and let us help you maximize your impact!