Refresh and recharge at our coworking space with showers

There’s nothing quite like a fresh shower to recharge your spirits. So why wait until you head home?

Enjoy the luxury of shared offices with showers

When we think of our ideal work environment, there are a few things that we can all agree would be nice to have – comfortable furniture, light-filled open spaces, and luxury bathrooms. Luckily we have all of these covered at United Co. After your morning commute to work, enjoy a hot (or cold!) shower specifically within our location.

Freshen up after a gym or yoga session

Our fully-equipped gym and relaxing yoga studio are just some of our members’ favourite features of our offices.

We don’t expect you to hit it hard in the gym or a vinyasa yoga class without making it easy to freshen up after. That’s why we designed deluxe private offices with showers. Complete with new fixtures and stylish decor, you’ll have all that you need to be ready to take on your next task.

Give yourself a pick-me-up whenever you need it most

They’re not just great for freshening up your body, either. They can give you a much-needed boost to your mind when your energy levels are depleted. Studies show that taking a cool one can increase alertness and reduce stress, helping you to work to your best abilities.

Of course, sometimes you don’t need an excuse to take one. Feel free to head to ours any time you’re after a pick-me-up to make your work day more productive and stress-free.

Book a tour at United Co. now to see all of our nifty onsite features first-hand. From our plethora of benefits through to dedicated wellbeing rooms and spaces, we’re revolutionising the modern workplace.