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How United Co. is Responding to COVID-19

By March 26, 2020 July 8th, 2020 Coronavirus, Coworking

Last updated on 7/7/2020

United Co. is committed to providing workspace to new and existing members, nearby businesses and individuals who are looking for a suitable place and safe place to continue their work the best they can during these challenging times. Our business centre will stay open whilst we are permitted and it is safe to do so. In order to ensure the safety of our employees, members, visitors and guests we have made adjustments to our operations. Please read the article below to learn more about our COVID-19 policy.

Measures we are taking to avoid the spread of Coronavirus in our Business Centre

As we all adapt to a new normal, United Co’s response to COVID-19 in the workplace continues to evolve as per the recommendations of Work Safe Australia. In order to support you and work teams in returning safely to work in our business centre, we have implemented the following changes to our daily operations:

  • Continually update our centre guidelines based on OH&S changes;
  • Hand sanitiser has been provided at all entry points for use upon your entry and exit of the centre;
  • All touch points and high traffic areas are sanitised several times a day;
  • Posters and notices have been placed around the space to remind members to practice good hygiene, keep 1.5 meters distance and refrain from activities like shaking hands. In addition, members receive regular notifications updating them on changes in operations, advice from authorities and links to reliable sources of information;
  • The meeting rooms, cafe, gym, lift, wellness and table tennis room all have recommended occupancy levels based on the State and Federal Governments recommendations;
  • Monitor occupancy levels of all shared shares to enforce social distancing and minimise risk;
  • Reception and the cafe counter have floor markings to assist with social distancing recommendations;
  • We have spaced out tables in our coworking and communal spaces in line with physical distancing guidelines.
  • We can provide meeting room spaces with separate tables, in order to help organisations host physical meetings in line with government guidelines.
  • Our event space, which is usually set-up for conferences and seminars, has now been set-up as a boardroom to be able to host groups up to 18 people for meetings.
  • With regret, we had to pause all community events. We do encourage our members to keep connecting through available virtual channels like our members portal.
  • Reception and the cafe record contact details of all visitors and guests for contact tracing if required;
  • Our on-site cafe Mr. Huxley, is operating with limited capacity in line with government regulations, but continues to serve coffee, breakfast and lunch to members and guests.

Return to Work Guidelines

We are actively looking at ways to help and support our community through this tough time.

  • Members are encouraged to take advantage of the 24 hour access that their membership allows, so that work teams can attend United Co. in different shifts resulting in less people in the office at any one time.
  • We can make additional desks available to members to help with social and physical distancing.
  • Video conferencing technology is available to connect with remote teams locally, interstate or overseas.
  • On-site car parking is available to help those who want to avoid taking public transport.
  • Member Employers are encouraged to use the Physical Distancing Checklist provided by Work Safe Australia for consideration of their own office space and teams.

If you are feeling unwell or need support

During these times, if you are feeling unwell in any way it is important to stay at home and self-isolate until you feel better. This is the only way to help protect the people around you and the wider community.

Symptoms of COVID-19 range from mild illness to pneumonia. Some people will recover easily, and others may get very sick very quickly. People with Coronavirus may experience symptoms like fever, flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue or shortness of breath.

If you do suspect that you may have Coronavirus use the symptom checker provided by the Australian Department of Health. To seek medical attention for symptoms relating to Coronavirus call the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080.

In case of an emergency, call 000.

If any United Co. employee, member, or visitor is unwell, as per the directive of the State and Federal Government, they must stay at home.  If you become unwell whilst at United Co. it is recommended that you leave, go home and get tested if you have flu like symptoms.

If a United Co. employee, member or guest:

  • tests positive to Covid-19; or
  • is identified as a close contact of a person who has tested positive; and 
  • has worked form, or visited United Co. in the 14 days prior to testing positive, 

they must contact the Centre Manager by emailing jack@unitedco.com.au  Upon receiving such notice, under the guidance of the Department of Health, United Co. will notify the community and visitors that have attended the centre in that time. The centre will close for a period of time for deep cleaning.  United Co. will keep personal details confidential.

During this time of isolation, you may find yourself struggling mentally and experience feelings of loneliness or anxiety. If you or anyone you know needs help, the following organisations can be contacted.

Adapting to a new way of working

United Co. has built a strong community since it’s opening in 2018. Now more than ever it is important that we help those around us and bound together. We are forced to distance ourselves physically, but we should not isolate ourselves socially. Catch up with your coworkers online, whether it is to collaborate or motivate each other or simply because you miss the daily social interaction at the coffee machine. While many of us have adapted to working from home it is important to maintain those social connections that we have built, we may just have to connect differently.

Many businesses have sent their employees to work from home, but you may find it challenging to work from home if you don’t have a dedicated quiet space to work. If you live in Fitzroy, Collingwood or a nearby suburb and find it challenging to work from home, we may be able to assist you with a suitable and safe workspace and encourage you to reach out to us. We offer day passes and flexible memberships that may benefit you.

If you are running a business and are worried about business continuity, we can help you with mail handling and phone answering services. If you like to learn more, have a look at our virtual office memberships

To speak to our sales team, contact us on 03 7018 8887 or email sales@unitedco.com.au. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you and your business.

Advice and updates on COVID-19

The Australian Government has released an official app with the information you need to know about Coronavirus as well a WhatsApp channel. To download the app search “Coronavirus Australia” in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

For more information about COVID-19 please visit the websites below for up to date and reliable advice.

  • For news about the development of the Coronavirus in Australia visit the website of the Department of Health.
  • If you need information about the development of COVID-19 in Victoria or want to check if your business is currently allowed to operate check this dedicated website from the Victorian Government coronavirus.vic.gov.au.
  • For advice on how to protect yourself, your relatives and the people around you from the Coronavirus visit the website of the World Health Organisation.

* Due to the unprecedented nature of the Coronavirus outbreak, this article will be updated regularly to reflect the current situation and procedures in place. If you like to discuss the measures taken by United Co. to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our business centre we encourage you to contact our team. You can call us on 03 7018 8888 or email our centre manager on jack@unitedco.com.au.

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