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Foolproof Event Planning Checklist

A Foolproof Event-planning Checklist to Delight your Clients

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Designing, producing and running events can be incredibly fulfilling. What was once a vision and an idea in your mind, comes to life in front of you with real people…

7 Killer Tips to Survive Your First Year as a Freelancer

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We're lucky to be alive in a time when it is easier than ever before to create a side-hustle, build an online brand and live gig to gig with the…
7 top things you must check before choosing a coworking space

7 Things to Lookout For When Choosing a Co-working Space

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1. SEPARATE SPACES FOR QUIET, COLLABORATIVE AND CREATIVE WORK A good co-working space is one that is conducive to both collaborative work and quiet head-down time.  In one full productive…