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United Co. is much more than a coworking space. United Co. is a place where ideas cultivate and thrive, where professionals come together to share ideas, experiences and challenges that face the modern business world. We intentionally facilitate a culture that brings together the minds of professionals from Melbourne and across the world.

We believe in creating a network of likeminded business professionals. In the modern age of business, the opportunity for recourses and connectivity is infinite, and this is something United Co. makes available to itsmembers. With intricately designed spaces that encourage collaboration, business networking events at our Melbourne location and the opportunity to tap into a range of recourses and support, United Co. is a coworking space that hones innovation.

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In modern marketing, you cannot afford to buy and churn attention, you must create a brand that stands for something and is a beacon that unites a tribe of people who care as deeply as you. People are holding organisations accountable and abandoning simply great products for great cultures and brands they align with.

André shares his insights from creating one of the most engaging wine brands in the world, and shows us how to align purpose, culture and brand, how to tell a story that people will care about and talk about. Join André to create a brand that sticks!

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How might we measure and communicate social impact more effectively?

Many of us are on the pursuit to create tangible social impact in some way, and if not, are required to at least report on it in our program and project evaluations. With something so complex, so contextual and so deeply-human, how do we measure this? How can we communicate these outcomes in a way that is accessible and meaningful?


Join us for an inspiring and enlightening panel discussion on this very topics with local experts who are on the ground grappling with this question everyday.

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Hoyne in collaboration with Gather by United Co. are excited to invite you to join them for an exciting panel exploring the future of place.

Our traditional live/work/shop/play landscape has changed and to make a place successful and sustainable today, people must be at the heart of the design process (planning, architecture, interior design, landscaping).

Leading voices in urban development, architecture, government, placemaking and marketing will discuss how great destinations that achieve social and economic success are created.

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A brand needs more than simply a strong identity. Crafting content that evokes emotion and inspires action is the only way to build and nurture a thriving community. We buy with emotion and justify with logic. So how do you create a brand and message that speaks to your audience’s emotion? What stories will you tell?

André shares his insights from creating one of the most engaging wine brands in the world, and shows us how to tell a story and create a strong content strategy that people will care about, talk about and share. Join André to create a brand that sticks!

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Attend our Networking Events

United Co. members will gain access to our amazing host of business networking events. Think presentation nights from industry leaders who speak about their challenges and how they overcame them. Think casual drink tasting nights from promising startup companies. Our networking events are designed for United Co. members to expand their personal community of professionals and facilitate their working journey.

United Co. is committed to create a business environment with a focus on innovation and learning. Our networking events are specially-curated to ensure a holistic approach is taken to business and network development.

Have Any Questions Regarding Our Melbourne Events?

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