Yoga Studio

Unwind and destress all within our offices with a yoga studio

Imagine if you could fit in downward dogs and tree poses in between your meetings. Now you can at United Co.

Access all the benefits of a coworking space with a yoga studio

We don’t need to preach to you that yoga has a whole host of benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. But to name a few, it helps to you to build muscle strength, reduce stress, and put your buzzing mind at ease. The benefits are there for the taking – so long as you schedule in regular practise.

At United Co., accessing these benefits couldn’t be more straightforward. Our beautifully-designed shared offices with a yoga studio are available to all of our members. It’s time to try out those moves – from hatha and vinyasa to ashtanga.

Never miss a session again

There’s nothing worse than making the effort to turn up to a class only to find out it’s fully booked. That’s why we’ve designed an easy-to-use portal that makes booking classes completely fuss-free.

Simply log in and select from our range of expert-led classes. After your session, you can continue your state of bliss by taking a relaxing shower in our stylish showers rooms.

The perfect place for group activities

Our studio also doubles as the ideal place to hold group activities. Whether you’re after a spacious room to run your team building event or host an office celebration, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll help you to prepare the room so that you can rest assured your next event is set up for success. Once you’ve decided on when you’d like to use the space, you can book it in using our dedicated, online portal.

Ready to see the zen in action? Book a tour at United Co.’s private offices with a yoga studio now.