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With privacy and focus in mind, we’ve optimised to create the right balance between private offices and the collaborative areas throughout our building.

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For all team sizes.

– World-class private offices for any sized teams. Plenty of breakout areas to connect with other members just a few steps from any office.
– You’ll get access to networking events to start boosting new business opportunities and collaborate with members.
– Our Community Managers are available to support you and your team, and help you connect with other members for potential collaboration opportunities.

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Your very own secure space.

-Offices come furnished with adjustable height desks, ergonomic designer chairs and mobile pedestals for under desk storage.
-Most of the offices feature built-in shelving space for you to tailor and make unique your office space.
-All private office memberships receive up to 15 hours of meeting room time for the month.

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Supporting healthy habits in your workspace.

– Take a break and reconnect with what matters. We want you to reward yourself and improve your life by keeping healthy habits every day.

– Exclusive yoga classes for members and other group activities in your coworking space. Classes aim to raise funds to help local communities in Melbourne.

– Free Gym for members. Fitted with bikes, treadmills and space for stretching out. A little exercise goes a long way to keeping you healthy and focused at work.

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Amenities for a balanced work life.

  • Flexible month to month access
  • Access to Networking Events
  • Furnished with adjustable height ¬†electric desk and ergonomic chairs
  • Mobile pedestals for under-desk storage
  • High-speed internet
  • Phone booths access
  • Gym, showers and wellness space
  • Free meeting room access (15 hours per month)
  • Communal kitchen
  • Bike storage
  • Use of printers and copiers (Pay as you go)
  • 24/7 access for private office members
  • Cleaning services
  • Utilities covered