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pillow with the word nap written on it wth a drawing of an office building in the background.

The Sleep-Productivity Connection: Unpacking the Impact of sleep on Your Work

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In our fast-paced society, we often overlook the critical role of sleep plays in our overall well-being. Quality sleep is a vital component that extends beyond mere relaxation and rejuvenation;…
Group of people having a meeting at UnitedCo.

Mastering Meetings: “Parking lot” technique

| Business Tips | No Comments
A "parking lot" is a project management technique used during meetings and discussions to temporarily set aside ideas, issues, or topics that are important but are not immediately relevant to the…
UnitedCo. members enjoying morning tea.

Discover 5 Effective Strategies for Finding Collaboration Opportunities

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  Are you a forward-thinking professional seeking to amplify your networking and collaboration efforts? At United Co, Melbourne's premier innovative shared workspace and coworking hub, we understand the power of…