Proudly embrace work/life balance.

At the core of any business or creative project is the people involved. Not only does that matter because the success of a business tightly depends on the health and wellbeing of its people, but because work should not impact on our personal lives in negative ways. As an innovation precinct, we wouldn’t be providing a full eco-system of services if we didn’t include a suite of wellness services that assist our community in becoming their best selves.

Yoga room.

We’re excited to provide a beautiful versatile space for yoga classes and other group activities in our coworking space. members can book this room or classes through the portal.


Our on-site gym is free to use for all members. You’ll find bikes, treadmills and space for stretching out. A little exercise goes a long way to keeping you healthy and focused at work.

Quiet room.

Whether you need a private space to meditate, pray or take a power nap, you will find a quiet room in our coworking space, available for use by all members for free, and booked
through the member portal. The quiet room can be used by members for prayer or meditation, it can be utilised as a parent’s room, contains first aid and will also provide a space for various paid services such as massage, limited barber services and some consultations.

Hear what our members think about us.

“United Co is a great place to work. Their private offices are quite well maintained. The services are great, and the staff are also very friendly and helpful.”

Daniel Mason

"Extraordinarily beautiful layout, and lovely staff. However you work best - in an open office environment, by yourself, or in a shared office space - you'll find a space for yourself within."

Nicko Hancock

"I have a workspace at United Co and I love it here. The staff are lovely, the facilities are great and the building is beautiful."

Ali Barclay

“I now have about 8 months experience as a United Co. member and it's all positive. Great space, great friendly staff who go out of their way for us. My whole team really enjoy working here. I highly recommend United Co.”

Greg Oddo

Need catering or a bite to eat?

Mr. Huxley has you covered. Enjoy the benefits of having a on-site cafe at your fingertips.

Want to become part of our community?

United Co. can help your business grow, whether you’re looking for a flexible workspace, your own private office, or access to our community and events.