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This International Women’s Day, United Co. Members Shebah Will Celebrate Three Years as Australia’s First & Only All-Female Rideshare Service

For women in Australia, the journey towards gender equality has been underway for decades. While there are still many examples of how the country is still rooted in patriarchal principles that limit women’s experiences, there are initiatives starting up by the day that are working to change that. One that’s near and dear to us [Read more…]

7 Reasons to Work in Fitzroy

Melbourne is already one of Australia’s most respected cities and is quickly gaining notoriety across the rest of the world. It attracts professionals from all over the globe and across all industries who are drawn to the opportunities for growth and collaboration that are available here. It’s an easy decision to base yourself in Melbourne [Read more…]

A Foolproof Event-planning Checklist to Delight your Clients

Designing, producing and running events can be incredibly fulfilling. What was once a vision and an idea in your mind, comes to life in front of you with real people interacting with the experience you have dreamt and then created. It really can be quite a rush…and, also it takes quite a special set of [Read more…]