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Hot Desking and Collaboration: The Value of Networking in the Modern Workplace

By 12 April 2019August 19th, 2021Business Tips, Community, Coworking, Shared Workspace
woman sitting and using shared workspace

In a traditional office, you are usually penned into your little cubicle, or an open-plan space if you are lucky. Then there’s working from home – which gives you greater flexibility, but often means you are isolated from your colleagues and connections.

Fortunately, coworking spaces can deliver enormous value to those starting their own business or for companies looking to better utilise their working environment.

Best of all, these spaces have access to all of the facilities of a major office building – if not more – at a fraction of the price. With zero overheads and the advantage tapping into a network of other bright, like-minded professionals, there’s plenty of attractive benefits to take advantage of.

Networking opportunities you cannot get at home or in a traditional office

More and more Australians are working from home, which is a great thing for reducing overheads and juggling family commitments with your own career.

However, it can be an isolating experience to not have any coworkers around you and the motivation to get out and network can be hard to find. In comparison, in an office environment, people are always geared towards the same company goals.

Getting out and networking with people outside of your office space takes time, energy and motivation that can be hard to find after a long week of work. If you’re assessing whether coworking spaces are worth it, remember that you’re constantly in the midst of the action; you can access the passion and mental fuel needed to excel, all by being surrounded by those who are looking to collaborate. And that’s a big win for any type of business looking to leverage their opportunities.

Work and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs, rather than compete against them

Another major benefit of a coworking space is that each person and company has their own industry and own goals to worry about. Instead of competing for the same goals and prospects, you can collaborate to help each other succeed – something that’s not often found in the traditional office.

Instead, you can find inspiration from other business owners sharing the same space. Join forces with those that can help you and that you can help in return; for example, designers can partner with strong copywriters through networking and develop a synergy to improve the work of both sides of the party.

There’s strength in numbers and instead of being positioned in a standard office environment where everyone is fighting to climb the corporate ladder, you can network with people across a wide range of industries instead. Experience the power of helping others develop their business, all the while doing the same for yours.

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Take advantage of in-house events

In coworking spaces, there’s the ability to tap into next-level networking opportunities through in-house events.

At United Co. there are regularly held occasions for like-minded professionals to mix and dabble, all backed by exceptional catering from the onsite cafe Eight Grains. Best of all, event spaces are always available for those looking to create the perfect impression, backed with high-end facilities for fully powered sessions.

Ready to find out how United Co. can innovate your work approach? Sign up for one of our coworking memberships online and start expanding your network today.