24/7 Access

Manage deadlines more effectively at our 24/7 access coworking space

Need an extra early start to your work day? Have a task that requires you to burn the midnight oil?

Our doors are always open at United Co.

Our 24/7 access shared offices let you come and go as you please

Most other coworking spaces only open their doors during standard business hours. Consequently, you’re forced to find alternatives when you need to clock on earlier or stay later. Needless to say, this isn’t ideal for anyone who wants flexibility in their personal and professional life.

United Co. is different from most other locations. We let you come and go as you please with our 24/7 access private offices. Without fail, you’ll find our doors open every day, around-the-clock.

Work the way you want, when you want

We all have our own unique professional style. Some of us are early birds, while others of us work best during the night. At United Co., we believe you should have the opportunity to delve into your professional life whatever time you’re at your most productive.

For this reason, we encourage you to work the way you want, when you want. Whether that’s in a shared space or private office – or at 2am or 2pm – we strive to make your day (or night!) run as smooth as possible.

Cut costs on your budget

Utilising a coworking space that places limitations on the amount of days or hours you can use it is an incredibly costly operation. You’ll not only be paying for the hours you’re there, you’ll also be paying for the hours you’re not there.

Compare this to the environment at United Co. As a member, you’ll have the freedom to use our space whenever you wish, for as many hours as you require – allowing you to keep your costs to a minimum.

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