5-star facilities to give you an exceptional workspace to thrive.

Meet our coworking space


Originally built in 1932, the space has been re-imagined to reflect the needs of a new generation in Melbourne. The building is purpose built with coworking in mind, focusing on building a great culture and a thriving community that will provide you with all you need to make your life easier, help you grow and keep you inspired every day.

We understand the challenges of working in a busy workspace. So with privacy and focus in mind, we’ve optimised the coworking space to create the right balance between private offices and collaborative areas throughout the building. Enjoy working with less distraction and find plenty of areas to relax in when you need a break, from lounge areas to the cafe or even the gym. Our purpose at United Co. is to provide you with a coworking space that includes 5-star facilities to give you, your staff and customers an exceptional workspace to thrive.

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