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Saturday swim ritual for corporate bodies

The beauty about incorporating swimming into your fitness regime is that it is a relatively low impact version of cardio. You’ll find that after swimming, a zen effect takes over your mind and body, much like the after effects of meditation or yoga. After sitting all week in meetings, reading and answering emails, you’ll find swimming is the perfect reward for your soul. This swim started off as an arm workout and then halfway through I realised that it’s actually a full body workout. Which is even better!

You will need a pull buoy, a board and your swimwear. Make sure you have some sunscreen on to, Australian sun is super tough on the skin.


Healthy habits



Here is the workout:

2 x warm up lap: any stroke of your choice (50m)

2 x 50m freestyle

2 x 50m kicking with the board

2 x 50m freestyle with the pull buoy

Repeat the above super set as many times as you like.

3-4 rounds equate to:

1 kilometre.

You can tick that workout goal off your list and enjoy some nutrient dense food to nourish your muscles after your swim.

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